Open Sourced PS3 Jailbreak Solutions Goes Live

Sony might have won the legal battle against distribution of a Jailbreak USB dongle device to PS3 owners, but it has lost another one to the hackers on the Internet.

The open source version of the software code required to hack the PS3 has been published on the Internet.

Called PSGroove, the toolkit for personalised jailbreak is capable on being used on any USB device; the software can run like the original USB dongle used by hackers to break the PS3, the BBC News has confirmed.

The ban imposed by Australian court restricts companies including OzModChips, Mod Supplier and Quantronics from marketing, distributing or selling the device, but another group released the software version of the device online in a different name.

A hacker who is part of the PSGroove team told BBC News that, "We want people to run the software they like on the system they paid for without it having to be licensed by Sony. We released it on the internet because we believe in openness, choice and innovation from everyone."

It is very unlikely that the jailbreak will cause significant financial loss to Sony.