Philips Unveils Its Cinema 21:9 3D Television

Philips has finally unveiled a 3D version of its Cinema 21:9 television set, the one with a rather strange width to height ratio that's suits big screen movies so well.

Originally presented at IFA 2009, it's only at this year's show that Philips has managed to deliver the product with a pricetag of £4000.

Even with a diagonal size of 58-inch, the set is thinner than equivalent models and features direct lit LED backlight technology which according to some previews delivers a sharper and more realistic image than many rivals.

Ditto for the 3D functionality built in the set, the 3D glasses are not only amongst some of the most comfortable pairs on the market, they also get automatically activated and use active shutter technology.

The rest of the specifications include Ambilight, Bright Pro, Smart Bit enhancement, Perfect Pixel HD processing engine, 400Hz technology, ISF calibration, a response time of 0.5ms and a 10m:1 contrast ratio.

Shame about the price though which is nearly twice that of a rival's 63-inch Plasma 3D set although at least one reviewer says that it might be the best 3D TV on the market yet. Note that the 21:9 3D TV set does not include any HD tuner.