Samsung Galaxy Tab To Go On Sale For £648

It is now almost certain that the Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet will not be much cheaper than the Apple iPad that it is supposed to be competing with.

UK online retailer Redstore lists the P1000, otherwise known as the GT-P1000MSAXEU, for £647.84 excluding VAT. Not surprisingly, the tablet is currently out of stock. (ed : the tablet has also appeared on Lambdatek for as little as £612.45).

The Galaxy Tab which was unveiled yesterday has been described as one of the more worthy competitors to the iPad on the market at the moment.

However, we do have out doubts as to Samsung's pricing strategy; selling the 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab for £650 is suicidal especially when the Toshiba Folio 100 tablet, which has a better processor and a bigger screen, costs half the price.

Samsung needs to avoid making the same mistake Nokia did with its Booklet PC netbook by pricing an exceptionally good product so high that the cost involved in acquiring it negates any other pros.