Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet Preview Of Reviews

If Samsung chose the IFA to launch the Galaxy Tab, it is because the event is ideally situated between two major global tech events, Cebit 2010 and CES 2011 and is a few months away from the festive season.

It also positions the device as one of most prominent competitors to the iPad and the early reviews shows that the device can more than hold its own against Apple's tablet.

Cnet says that the GT-P1000, as it is known at Samsung, "packs plenty of features into its dinky, lightweight frame" including the ability to make phone calls and send text, 1080p video playback, full support for Adobe Flash and two cameras.

More importantly, the reviewer says, the tab "doesn't feel rushed or half-hearted", a clear indication that Samsung has put a lot of effort to deliver an "impressive little Android device".

Techradar on the other hand says that it is cutting edge and that it packs a screen with a much higher resolution than the iPad; they were possibly referring to the pixel density of the LCD screen. The iPad stands at 132 pixels per inch while the Galaxy Tab reaches 171 ppi. The screen stood out for wrong reasons, one of the corners that Samsung appears to have cut either for technical or financial reasons.

The Telegraph's Matt Warman reckons that Samsung has produced a genuine rival to the iPad and potentially to the Amazon Kindle as well, which it matches in size. He rightly points out that the tab doesn't have any real issues but that the "cost, availability and data tariffs will be big hurdles" are likely to be the main problems. Indeed!