Sony Brings Out 3D Vaio Notebook

Sony has unveiled a new Vaio 3D notebook at the IFA 2010 event in Germany, one that will be released in 2011.

The displayed device, which Sony claims is the first stereoscopic 3D laptop, was a prototype and should appear in its near final format at the CES 2011 in Las Vegas.

The laptop comes with a 3D button which converts 2D content into 3D, up to a full HD (1920x1080 pixels) resolution.

Sony is hoping that users will hop on the 3D bandwagon when watching HD movies and playing video games; one can guess that Sony will throw in a 3D compatible Blu-ray player as well.

You will however need an IR transmitter and pair of active shutter glasses that can display up to 240 frames per second and uses Sony's proprietary black frame insertion technique.

No details have been released as to how much it will cost and when it may go on sale, if ever. Interestingly, rival HP will also release a similar laptop under the Envy brand from Voodoo PC.

Whether there is a demand for portable 3D laptops remains to be seen though, especially given that you still need to shell out at least £100 for the glasses.