Top Weekly Google Technology Terms : Facebook Login, Windows 7 and BBC

Each week, we will crawl in Google's Insights For Search (IFS) section in four different categories (Social Networks & Online Communities, Telecommunications, Computers & Electronics & Internet) to let you know what tech-related topics are currently hot.

This week again, internet related terms dominate Google's search and Facebook still comes ahead of Youtube, BBC, Hotmail and Ebay. Interesting, the search query "Facebook login" jumps in at number six, something that might be linked to concerns about privacy on the biggest social network around.

"" is the only tech related term in the top 10 of rising searches in the UK, one which might be linked to the fact that people continue to use Google's search field as their address bar. Surprisingly enough, there has been a sharp jump in the number search queries for the term, nearly double the weekly average.

"Facebook" and "Facebook Login" top the Social Networks and Online Communities category, while the iPhone and O2 still squat the top two spots in telecommunications.

In computers and Electronics, Hotmail and Windows 7 are surprising leaders while those using Google for searches seem to be busy looking for hints and tips about instant messaging and email, based on their searches.

Interestingly enough, in this last category searches for "Apple" and "Mac" surpass that of "Microsoft" which may or may not be seen as a sign of changing times.