Toshiba Issues Recall For 41,000 Laptop Batteries

Japanese computer maker Toshiba has recalled 41,000 notebooks due to a potential burn hazard, which has already resulted in burn injuries and property damage.

The company informed that it was recalling some of the T130 series laptops sold between August 2009 and August 2010; Toshiba is working alongside the US Consumer Product Safety Commission to facilitate the laptop recall, which involves Satellite T135, Satellite T135D and Satellite ProT130 laptops.

Toshiba said in a warning posted on its website that “These computers will have model/part numbers beginning with PST3AU, PST3BU, or PST3LU. The defective harness may, in some circumstances, overheat to the point of melting the computer's base at the location where the AC adaptor plugs into the unit.”

So far no serious burn injuries have been reported, apart from 2 minor burns and two cases of minor property damage. Toshiba is offering a BIOS update which will inform the users if their machine is overheating or not. If it is, then they are advised to contact Toshiba for free customer support.

It is not the first time that Toshiba has been affected by defective batteries and Sony had to recall more than 100,000 batteries in October 2008 over similar fears. In 2006, the CE giant spent £360 million to swap 10 million defective batteries.