LG Shows 31-inch OLED TV At IFA

LG has showcased a new 31-inch OLED television set at the IFA in Germany but there's little sign that the production will increase dramatically or that the price will decrease accordingly.

OLED has well documented advantages over LCD and is set to replace the latter as the dominant display technology as soon as the major manufacturers iron out existing mass production issues.

Electricpig says that the OLED TV, which has yet to be named, will cost £6000 when it will go on sale, which is roughly 2.5 times the price of Sony's XEL-1 11-inch and four times the price of Sony;s own LG 15EL9500 15-inch model.

LG also said that the television would only go on sale in March 2011, which gives rivals like Sony and Samsung plenty of time to come up with rivals and start a price war.

Until then, the 31-inch wonder from LG remains the largest commercially available OLED TV and the thinnest at only 2.9mm (yep, that's 1/8 of an inch).

As expected, the television is so tiny (and the bezel impossibly thin) that the base houses all the electronics and the connectors (Picture courtesy of Engadet).