Royal Mail Rolls Out Smart Stamp

UK's Royal Mail has dished out the first ever 'intelligent stamp', which when viewed through a smartphone, will take the user to a related web page.

The stamp, which is a part of Royal Mail's Great British Railways edition, will have to be viewed from a smartphone running the Junaio image recognition application, which is available for Android and iPhone smartphones.

According to the Royal Mail, users viewing the stamp via Junaio will be redirected to a website playing a short film in which Bernard Cribbins is seen reading WH Auden's famous poem "The Night Mail".

“This is the first time a national postal service has used this kind of technology on their stamps and we're very excited to be bringing intelligent stamps to the nation's post,” Royal Mail's Philip Parker said in a statement to BBC News.

The application is based on Augmented Reality technology, which allows users to view web based data on real world images.

Another fine example of Augmented Reality application was the Wimbledon app released by IBM, which allowed fans to view related to the matches and related information by pointing their iPhone's camera around.