38 Per Cent Of iOS Devices Are iPod Touch

Mining data extracted from a number of primary sources, a website has managed to find out how instrumental is the iPod Touch to the success of the Apple's iOS strategy.

Steve Jobs told a global audience last month that the iPod Touch was the most successful iPod member yet and Asymco calculated that roughly 45.2 million iPod Touch have been sold as of the 1st of September.

This represents a not-so-insignificant 37.7 per cent of the iOS pie, a proportion that will decrease over time as Apple adds more iOS devices like the iPad and the Apple TV.

Interestingly, Steve Jobs said at the beginning of April that the cumulative number of iPhones and iPod Touch on the market reached 85 million.

This meant that the company managed to sell 17 million iOS devices in the four months or so preceding the 1st of September event.

A new iOS 4.1 firmware is set to be released over the next few days which will cement Apple's position as the dominant mobile company on the market.

Jobs has already confirmed that the iPod Touch has become the biggest online gaming platform ahead of the Nintendo DS and the Sony PSP with nearly 10 million iOS-capable iPods sold in the last quarter.