Android Reaches 25 Per Cent Of Mobile Web Use

The latest report by web monitoring firm Quantcast reveals that Android's steady rise has managed to threaten Apple's position for mobile web use in the US.

In its monthly statistics, Quantcast has shown that Google Android-based smatphones have managed to chart out a strong position on the web usage graph in August.

The report suggests that Apple, although still top, has fallen from 70 per cent in August 2009 to 56 per cent this year.

Google's Android, on the other hand, has reached 25 per cent this year from 10 per cent in 2009, tech news site Cnet reports.

Despite claims that Apple is shipping nearly 230,000 phones powered by iOS each day made by CEO Steve Jobs, Android has still increased its share in the OS market.

Motorola's Droid and Samsung's Galaxy S, both Android powered, have become two of the most successful smartphones in the market, and HTC's recent rise been credited mostly to Android.