Anti-Terror Memory Stick Found In Street

A memory stick, containing confidential anti-terror information and strategies, was found dumped on a pavement outside a police station.

According to a report by news agency The Press Association the USB stick has initials GMP POTU printed on it. The abbreviation refers to Greater Manchester Police Public Order Training Unit.

Discovered by an anonymous young businessman at Stalybridge in Greater Manchester, the stick consists of more than 2,000 files, titled 'Manual On Guidance Of Keeping The Peace by the National Police Improvement Agency', explaining potential measures to counter terrorist attacks.

"There are even diagrams of crowd control scenes. If this got into the wrong hands, they would be one step ahead of the police all the time. The information in there is dynamite,” the businessman said.

The device also consists of list of officers, their official details and duties, and strategies chartered out by the squad to combat incidents such as acid attacks and blast control.

Manchester Police have begun an investigation into the loss of the memory stick.