Apple iOS 4.1 launch date leaked

Apple's UK web site has temporarily let slip that iOS4.1 will be released on Wednesday.

A number of readers have told us that they spotted the launch notification on the Apple UK online store earlier this morning, but the page has since been removed.

Steve Jobs announced the impending upgrade at a recent keynote event in San Francisco but stopped short of giving the launch a firm date.

Now it seems that September 8th is the day to mark in your diary if you want to get you hands on the bug fixes and new features promised by the first major upgrade of the mobile operating system.

The latest iteration will fix the proximity sensor bug as well as issues with Mail and Bluetooth according to Jobs.

Owners of older iPhones will also get some love, with 3G and 3Gs owners getting a major speed bump to devices which have been painfully sluggish since the roll-out of iOS4.0.

Other major features include High Dynamic Range photos, which allows an iDevice's onboard camera to take better pictures by bracketing and combining three exposure settings for every shot taken.

Game Centre also promises social networking features for multi-player games, much like PSN or Xbox Live on grown-up gaming machines.

The rogue page has now been replaced with a 'coming soon' message.