Early Tests Of iOS 4.1 GM On iPhone Emerge

The iOS 4.1 has yet to be launched and already the first previews show that the software update does indeed deliver on its promises and more.

PCWorld's Mike Keller did a quick hands-on with the iOS 4.1 on the iPhone 4, 3GS and 3G, and says that the new firmware update significantly improves performance on older handsets.

HDR works fantastically well and although it is slightly more sluggish than the usual non HDR mode, it may be considered as an added free bonus.

Brian X. Chen of Wired argues that results will be great on some snaps but not on all of them; HDR on the iPhone works by combining three shots - one underexposed, one over exposed and one normally exposed - thereby increasing the dynamic range of the shot.

Steve Jobs said at last week's event that the Proximity sensor and the Bluetooth bugs will be solved and 9to5mac believes that this is indeed the case after conducting initial tests.

The dark horse though has to be Game Center, a feature that did not get as much coverage as Ping but which could prove to be significantly more lucrative and game changing than the Apple social networking feature.

Amongst the other improvements noted by the website include a few additional features for Facetime, the ability to disable spell checking, the ability to disable Facetime and Gamecenter AND protect the changes with a password, ping support in iTunes and HD video uploading from iPhone 4 or iPod Touch 4G.