Facebook Adds 'Like' Feature To Search Results

A major Facebook update is set to launch a 'like' feature on the platform.

The Facebook team is currently testing the new 'like' feature for its search function as the company prepares to revamp the way it shows search results.

The search results are set to be based on two things - the number of likes and the total number of friends from a users' friend list who like it, reports AllFacebook.

"For instance, if your friend is on a news site and clicks ‘Like’ under one of the articles, when you go to search for that article on Facebook, it will surface in the dropdown,” the company said.

In basing search results on friend's likes and dislikes, Facebook is going directly against Google's search functionality, which relies upon the entire web for delivering search results. Facebook believes that a users friend will provide better individual search results.

Previously, whenever users searched for an article or a topic on Facebook, they were presented with a mix of search results, most of which were irrelevant to the search query. The company is hoping that the new feature will tidy its search results, and relate them better to a user's query.