Google Set To Simplify Privacy Policy

Google is set to simplify its privacy policy by cutting down on the legal jargon found in its user privacy policy documents.

The move is an attempt to make privacy policy more transparent and understandable for its users.

In a blog post, Mike Yang, Google's Associate General Counsel, described the privacy polices as "Long, complicated and lawyerly.

He said that the company plans to simplify its product privacy polices by deleting some of the content.

The company has stated that, although the language will change, it will not be changing its privacy practises.

Yang said that from 3 October, Google will be deleting 12 product specific privacy policies as their content is already repeated in Google's main privacy policy.

The changes will be related to how information is exchanged between the services, including Gmail, Talk, Calender and Docs. The services will be governed by one single privacy policy.

Google is also making changes to its main privacy policy, deleting the parts which are redundant and rewriting parts deemed to contain too much legal jargon.