News@10: Everything Everywhere, Facebook Adds 'Like' To Search & Anti-Terror Data Found In Manchester

Orange and T-Mobile will offer UK customers the ability to roam across each other's networks from October. The mobile network carriers announced last week that, when a user loses signal in the UK, their phone will switch to use the other company's network.

UK's Royal Mail has released the first ever 'intelligent stamp', which, when viewed through a smartphone, will take the user to a related web page. The stamp is a part of Royal Mail's Great British Railways edition and will have to be viewed from a smartphone running the Junaio image recognition application, which is available for Android and iPhone smartphones.

A major Facebook update is set to launch a 'like' feature on the platform. The Facebook team is currently testing the new 'like' feature for its search function as the company prepares to revamp the way it shows search results.

A memory stick, containing confidential anti-terror information and strategies, was found dumped on a pavement outside a police station. Discovered by an anonymous businessman in Greater Manchester, the stick consists of more than 2,000 files explaining potential measures to counter terrorist attacks.

O2 has revealed details of a report it commissioned that shows that users are paying much more than they really need to when it comes to broadband access. O2 says that millions are buying broadband services that do not fit their need.