News@5: Apple iPad FaceTime, BBC iPlayer Revamped & Medal Of Honor

Medal of Honor has been banned from being sold at GameStop outlets and US military bases across the world. The US Army & Air Force Exchange Service, along with the Coast Guard Community Services Command, has announced that the newest version of the game, developed by EA, will not be stocked at any of its 181 exchanges.

The BBC is set to launch a new, updated version of its iPlayer online video catch-up service this week. The latest BBC iPlayer is set to support integration with social networking platforms, as well as come with a complete range of customisation features and new page outlook.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbot has launched an anti-trust probe into Google. The probe will determine exactly how the company's website ranking system works. The move comes after complaints from three web companies, myTriggers, SourceTool and Foundem, which have claimed that Google has deliberately reduced their web traffic by ranking them lower on the search engine.

The next iteration of Apple's iPad tablet PC device may come with the FaceTime video conferencing feature and a front facing camera. According to an image released by 9 to 5 Mac, the company is testing the feature on the iPad after making it available on both the iPhone 4 and the new iPod Touch.

Apple has attracted more than one million users to Ping within a few days of its launch. The company has announced that one million people have signed up for its newly launched social media music discovery service Ping within two days of its launch.