O2 Updates Broadband Package, Cans "Unlimited" Moniker

O2 has officially overhauled its broadband packages days after telling the British press that hundreds of millions of pounds are being spent on expensive up-to-20mbps packages when the actual user need very rarely go beyond a more mundane 8mbps line.

The new packages even get names; the Basics give you up to 20mbps download speeds, up to 1.3mbps upload speeds, McAfee security software for one PC, wireless router and 20GB fair usage policy allowance.

The all rounder package ups the usage allowance to 100GB and the Works upgrades the upload speed to 2.5mbps, adds a free Static IP and pushes the FUP to 250GB, with the number of seats for the security package rising to three and five respectively.

Existing O2 mobile users can expect to pay a monthly tariff of £8, £12 and £20 respectively while Non O2 customers will not only fork out £5 extra per month but also pay an additional one-off fee of £25.

All the packages (more details here) are come with a contract term of at least 12 months and it is interesting to note that O2 has not dismissed the term "unlimited" in its broadband marketing document.

O2 is also running a limited promotion whereby the first three months on O2 Home broadband are free, which means a saving of up to £75 if you are not on o2.