Revamped BBC iPlayer Set To Launch This Week

The BBC is set to launch a new, updated version of its iPlayer online video catch-up service this week.

The latest BBC iPlayer, which has been available as a beta for the past few months, is set to support integration with social networking platforms, as well as come with a complete range of customisation features and new page outlook.

The BBC has revealed that the beta version of the IPTV application has been used by nearly eight per cent of total users, whilst almost 18,000 users signed up for the social networking service available with the trial version, linking their social accounts with Twitter and Facebook.

"The BBC iPlayer team are very excited about the latest developments going live...this is a big step for the product, and its users," wrote James Hewins in the BBC blog.

Hewins revealed that, on average, beta users viewed more programmes than users of the earlier version of the service. The most viewed programmes on iPlayer included Eastenders, Doctor Who, Top Gear, Mock the Week and Sherlock.