Roaming is coming to Orange customers on T-Mobile's network

T-Mobile and Orange customers will soon have access to both networks, for UK roaming between the two mobile phone carriers with a greater coverage area in Great Britain.

Orange and T-Mobile customers will soon be able to make calls and send text messages on either network - with no extra cost attached. This is coming off the back of the newly merged companies, which now runs under the guise of Everything Everywhere.

The 30 million users of both networks are being invited to sign up to the program, in order to gain access to this offer that starts from October 5th.

Orange and T-Mobile customers that have signed up for the network share will automatically switch to the other carrier, if the signal is lost from the original provider they're signed up to.

Plans are under way where users of either carrier can switch between the phone networks mid-call, on to whichever network has the strongest signal.

This is the first news to be made public after the two companies merged, where mobile users on the separate networks can now see the benefit from this combined deal.

Nothing has been mentioned by either company about the data network sharing, which comes as no surprise as T-Mobile has a data-share in place with Three.

T-Mobile users can sign up at -

Orange users can sign up at -

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