UK Zune Pass To Launch Next Month?

Microsoft has finally decided to introduce Zune Pass for the UK as mentioned back in July and it seems as if the unlimited streaming service will be available from the month of October.

WMPowerUser published a screenshot that shows three Zune Pass option, a 14 day trial pass, a one month pass costing £8.99 and a three month pass that comes in at £26.97.

In the later cases, VAT is excluded (possibly a typo imported from the US) and eagle-eyed readers will have noticed that Microsoft doesn't even give a discount when buying the 3-month pass.

The launch of the new service is expected to coincide with that of Windows Phone 7 handsets. You will be able to listen to millions of tracks without limits and there's a 10 song credits per month and any downloaded tracks will be blocked should the user's subscription end.

Microsoft's Zune Pass represents a welcomed competition for the likes of Spotify and if moderately successful may even convince Apple to change the business model for Zune.