£52 Samsung SpinPoint F2 EcoGreen 1.5TB SATA-II 32MB Cache

Samsung’s F2 Series EcoGreen Drive (F2EG) is the ideal high capacity drive for green computing environments.

The new eco-friendly hard drive, F2EG is designed to meet demand for high performance devices with lower power consumption.

Samsung’s EcoGreen F2 makes it possible to design storage systems with the right balance of high capacity, fast performance and energy conservation. Samsung F2EG has the world’s best areal density at 5400RPM rotation speeds.

High density means more bits pass under the head faster, and it improves the drive performance.

Samsung employs an advanced data recording technology, which brings the next generation technology into today’s single disk platform, enabling Samsung’s new 5400RPM drives to perform at current 7200RPM drive speeds.

The internal SysMark test results confirms that F2EG performs as same as 7200RPM drive speeds, and even 10% faster than other green drives.

You can purchase this 1.5TB hard disk drive from Overclockers here.