Apple Already Shipping New iPod Touch In UK

Apple has already started to send the new iPod Touch to customers who have already ordered it with numerous reports already appearing on Twitter both in the US and in the UK.

New iPod Touch users will be the first one to officially get hold of a device that comes with Apple's new iPhone OS 4.1 with the rest of us likely to follow by the end of the week (or at most until Monday).

Apple says that the new Apple will take between five and seven business days to ship which means that those who have received their orders yesterday and today were amongst the first to do so.

The new iPod Touch can be succinctly described as an iPhone 4 without the phone and the novel design. Apple, it seems, want to emphasise the difference between the portable media player and the mobile phone.

Hence the iPod Touch still retains the original design of the iPod family with the silver back and a thin profile.

Amongst the improvements that have been included, there's the new Apple A4 processor, Facetime over Wi-Fi, a front and rear facing camera with 720p HD video recording capabilities and of course the retina display screen.