BBC Hires Microsoft Manager For iPlayer

The BBC has hired a former Microsoft manager to head the programmes and on-demand (POD) division of its iPlayer video catch-up service.

Daniel Danker will join the iPlayer team as the head of the online development.

He will be charged with the development of online services, including TV and radio, and will be responsible for the development of the iPlayer's, and BBC's, search feature.

In a statement , Danker said: “The BBC is uniquely positioned to drive the next wave of change through its roles in content creation and distribution. We will focus on the innovations that become possible when content production and consumer experience evolve together.”

The new appointment follows BBC's announcement that it had updated its iPlayer client with heavy social networking integration and a new, "fun" look.

According to the BBC, when the new version was in beta, nearly 18,000 linked the player to their Facebook and Twitter account and 700,000 programmes were 'liked' by users.