BSA Fines Media Company £100,000 For Unlicensed Software Use

The Business Software Alliance (BSA) has fined a media company £100,000 after one of its former employees turned whistleblower to report use of unlicensed software.

The BSA has also awarded the whistleblower with a bounty of £10,000 for his actions in an attempt to encourage others like him to come forward and report illegal use of media software.

Both the offending media company and the whistleblower have not been named due to legal reasons.

The media company had reached a settlement with the BSA to pay the $100,000 fine

The BSA reported that the case involved the illegal use of Adobe and Microsoft software and was one of the largest cases of this type it has ever dealt with.

The whistleblower, who has been termed as a certified Microsoft IT professional, justified his actions by claiming that he was worried about the impact of using non-licensed on his career

“As a Microsoft IT Professional it is my duty to report any known cases of unlicensed software, or risk losing my credentials,” he said in a statement.