Could Google Bouncing Doodle Be Linked To Mysterious Invite?

Google's fancy doodle which was launched today apparently to mark the company's 12th birthday could be a hint at something else according to two separate sources.

A rather mysterious message saying "Today’s doodle is fast, fun and interactive, just the way we think search should be" accompanied the doodle and a spokesperson for Google told Channel 4 news to "watch this space".

Webuser also points to a press conference in San Francisco, that's due to happen tomorrow between 0930 and 1300 PST, one where Google will share their latest technological innovation and allow a select few to get "an inside look at the evolution of Google search".

The speakers will include Marissa Mayer, Johanna Wright, Ben Gomes and Othar Hansson, all of whom are top brass at Google.

The various rumours going round the web over what will be announced include a HTML5-based product (the bouncing balls doodle is HTML5 based and so is Chrome 5), a deliberate attempt by Google to encourage people to upgrade their browsers or something to do with a visual version of Google search, following the acquisition of by Google.

Interestingly, thiis is the third time that Google is allowing resource-intensive animated logos on its frontpage, one that not only increases the bandwidth required to display the page but also sucks precious CPU cycles.