Dell Streak Android 2.1 Upgrade Met With Anger

The new Android 2.1 upgrade for Dell's Streak mini tablet on O2 has been met with user fury after it reportedly removed more features than it added.

According to tech news site The Register, the PC synchronisation, Windows Media Video playback and the Facebook widget features, amongst others, have been affected by the faulty software upgrade.

The device initially ran on Google's Android 1.6 OS, but was promised a quick update to a newer operating system, Android 2.1, which was released by O2 on Monday.

Writing on the O2 forums, one disgruntled Streak user wrote: “My tablet no longer does this.. I am going to give o2 a couple of days to let the dust settle and then I am going to demand a replacement i phone 4 i would think.”

The news comes after O2 was forced to retract the Android 2.2 update for the HTC Desire on its network as users reported that the update caused their smartphones to freeze-up.