Dennis the Menace goes digital

The Dennis the Menace fan club is closing its doors after 34 years.

The spikey-haired hooligan and his faithful dog Gnasher are going all electronic as the fan club, which has been running since 1976, stops accepting new membership applications.

When club first started, it cost 75p a year and had 1.25 million members at its peak. Recently renamed the Beano club, after the kid's comic in which the black and red striped terror has appeared since we were in short trousers, membership has fallen to just 10,000 in recent years.

We reckon the rot set in when the politically correct crowd decided that Dennis could no longer be seen terrorising Walter the Softy because it was seen as homophobic, and had his arsenal of weapons including his trademark slingshot confiscated.

We will be very sad not to receive our birthday cards from Dennis this year.