Ex Google China President Targets Chinese Mobile Users

Former Google China president Kai-Fu Lee has announced two new projects in an attempt to tap the emerging Chinese mobile phone market.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Lee has announced a new mobile operating system, called Tapas, and a media distribution platform named Wonderpod.

Tapas is a Google Android-based mobile operating system, set to come with features especially designed for the Chinese speaking market.

The operating system will come with the ability to detect the city from which an incoming call has originated - something that directly affects the price of receiving the call - , integration with popular Chinese social networks and a music software which will be capable of detecting the name of the song a user is listening to and provide them with lyrics.

Wonderpod, is an Android-based media distribution platform which is designed to allow Chinese users to download media from Chinese online video streaming platforms like Youku.com and Tudou.com.

Both the projects are being funded by Innovation Works, a company founded by Lee when he left Google last year.


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