First Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Ad Launched

Microsoft has officially begun advertising for its upcoming Windows Phone 7 smartphone, with the launch of a new online video.

The video, the first of many to follow, announces: "The Revolution is Here".

Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 will come integrated with the Zune music service and support for the company's Xbox 360 games console.

According to tech news site Engadget, the video is being screened at London’s Secret Cinema event, immediately before the start of a secret screening of the Lawrence of Arabia film.

The advert spoofs the opening scene of the 1962 Lawrence of Arabia film, depicting a shadowy figure riding out of the dessert. The shadowy figure is none other than a Windows Phone 7, which announces that the revolution is here.

The advert has been posted on a the company's Windows Phone 7 You Tube channel.