Geforce GTS 450 e-tails [UPDATED]

Nvidia is on a roll these past few weeks, with raving reviews on the GTX 460 and now the not-so-shabby GeForce GTS 450 that has just shown up on the retail radar.

Popping onto the Geizhals search engine, we've found one (and just one) unit of the GTS 450 on sale, from 'Colorful' (that's the brand name). The tech specs reveal what we've already mentioned before: a mainstream card still with a lot of Fermi grunt, but a GF106 derivative of the original GF100, nonetheless.

The core clock on this card is rated 783MHz while memory clock (1GB GDDR5) is 900 (x4 is 3600MHz), running at 1566MHz shader clock and on a 128-bit memory bus. The card has 192 stream processors and 32 texture units, according to the site.

Most importantly, it's a dual slot design capable of SLI - as is just about anything desktop-oriented from Nvidia. The video outputs are fashioned in two dual-link DVI and one mini-HDMI. The power is supplied via a single 6-pin power connector. There's no reference to power consumption but we'll stick to our earlier prediction of a sub-150W card.

[UPDATED] We have now had a gander at some confidential Nvidia slides. The little green men put the power consumption at 106W, which is quite a substantial cut from the GTX 460 (160W).

We've been hearing that the overclocking performance on these cards is nothing to sneeze at, so we'd look for some online reviews soonish to figure this out before jumping out to pre-order one. As the card hasn't hit the white cliffs of Dover just yet, you should have enough time.

If the European price (€150) is a guideline, it will be aiming at the £120 to 130 price gap in the UK.

You can check it out here.