Get 10 Per Cent Off Your Next Apple iPod

Apple has a little known recycling programme that allows users to recycle their old gear and get a 10 per cent discount off any iPod devices (except for the £39 iPod Shuffle).

According to Apple's Recycling programme FAQ, "A free iPod recycling programme, conducted through Apple’s retail stores, offers environmentally friendly disposal and a 10 percent discount on the purchase of a new iPod. (excluding iPod shuffle)."

Interested users can either use their own packaging or get a freepost bag sent to them free of charge within 10 days.

This means that you can bring in an old iPod Shuffle and get a 10 per cent discount on the top of the range, new 64GB iPod Touch, a discount that's worth a cool £32.90, bringing its price down to £296.10 including delivery.

Apple doesn't say whether the iPod the iPod will need to be working or not although we understand that the iPod will have to be in good shape (i.e. not broken into pieces) and the battery shouldn't be damaged.

Given that a faulty iPod Shuffle can be purchased for as little as £5 on Ebay, users can save a significant amount of money on the deal. Note that the 10 per cent discount cannot be applied to refurbished iPod Touch devices.