Google Celebrates 12th Birthday With New Doodle

Google has swapped its usual logo for a fully interactive 'balls' doodle.

Users can chase the balls around their screen, or cause them to bounce in place with the movement of their mouse.

The company regularly adds doodles to its site, usually put in place to mark an iconic event, with this one apparently up to celebrate Google's 12th birthday.

British newspaper the Guardian reports that Google first opened its doors on 7 September 1998 in Menlo Park, California

Before this became apparent, web users and tech pundits alike flooded the internet with queries, attempting to discover the motive behind the new doodle.

The new doodle follows the recent Buckyball, and second interactive, doodle, celebrating the anniversary of the discovery of the Buckyball. The company had replaced one of the 'Os' in its logo with a rotating Buckyball.

The first interactive doodle was a fully functional version of the game PacMan, put up to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the game. The PacMan doodle can still be found and played here.