Google Leak Reveals Top AdWords Spenders

A leaked Google document has revealed that Apple spends around $1 million on Google AdWords advertising every month.

The document, which was leaked by AdAge, revealed the amount spent by major brands on search-based advertisements on Google's search engine.

According to the report, Apple spent "just under $1 million" on adverts in June, similar to the amount spent by chip giant Intel.

US wireless carrier AT&T has been listed as the top spender on Google AdWords in June, spending $8.08 million on search-based advertisements for the month.

The Apollo Group, travel portal Expedia and online retail giant Amazon were also listed among the top spenders on Google's AdWords.

In a statement to AdAge, Will Margiloff, CEO of Innovation Interactive, said: “Google has become the remote control for the world; it's the first stop, not TV. More than any other media, that messaging is requested; people are seeking BP's answers out as opposed to waiting to be told.”