iPad success could trigger memory glut

The runaway success of the iPad could have a massive impact on sales of conventional computers, and lead to over-supply of DRAM according to Samsung.

Reuters is reporting that the South Korean company is starting to panic about a glut of DRAM chips on the market as the Apple tablet continues to eat into desktop and laptop PC sales.

The fear is that manufacturers ordered too much memory before the proddable PC was launched, and that warehouses will soon be overflowing with chips that no-one needs.

The fact that every other two-bit OEM on the planet is attempting to hitch a ride on the Cupertino company's coat-tails isn't helping either.

PC sales are stagnant as technology fans wait to see what will be the next big thing in the run-up to Christmas. Most tablet devices use simplified operating systems like Google's Andriod and Apple's iOS4, which need less RAM to operate.


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