iPhone 5 Concept Phone Picture Emerges

The first picture of an iPhone 5 concept phone has emerged only a few weeks after Apple launched the iPhone 4, a device that was itself at the centre of much speculation.

The guys at German website Handyflash designed a model that's not unlike the iPod Touch but looks too thin to be engineered.

Indeed, it appears to be thinner than a 3.5mm headphone socket but we liked the fact that it has a very thin frame. The German side says that controlling the volume may be done by running one's finger up and down the left side of the phone.

Other details that Handyflash have brought up include a 10.2-megapixel camera, 32GB or 64GB RAM, support for 3G and 4G, Bluetooth, "Retina Plus" display (whatever that means); obviously, that's pure speculation and it is very unlikely that the final version of the iPhone looks remotely like that.

Our hunch is that Apple will stick to the current format for at least a couple more generation to differentiate the iPhone from the iPod Touch.



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