Microsoft Claims Silverlight Is Better Than HTML 5

Microsoft has claimed that its Silverlight web technology allows developers to expand beyond the possibilities offered by HTML5.

In a blog post titled 'The Future of Silverlight', Brad Becker, the director of product management, developer platforms at Microsoft, explained exactly why the company believes Silverlight is better than HTML 5, even as the whole industry is shifting towards the new web standard.

He said that even though the company is committed towards bring development in HTML web standard, Silverlight allows it to go beyond the standardisation barrier and into innovation.

“It's not commonly known, perhaps, that Microsoft is involved in over 400 standards engagements with over 150 standards-setting organisations worldwide. One of the standards we've been involved in for years is HTML and we remain committed to it and to web standards in general,” he wrote on the blog.

Becker went on to list all the media and consumer application related features that are offered by Silverlight but have been overlooked in HTML 5. This includes Stereoscopic 3D video, Multicast and fluid motion via bitmap caching and effects in consumer applications.