Motorola Ad Takes Another Dig At Apple

Motorola has released another anti-Apple, Droid 2 print advertisement, with the new advert making fun of the iPhone's inability to run Flash.

The Droid 2 print advert follows the one for its Droid X Android smartphone, which came with the tagline of "No Jacket required", highlighting the iPhone 4's reception and antenna issues.

The new advert comes with the tagline of "Flash Websites? There's a Phone for that", not only making fun of iPhone's inability to run Flash, but also echoing the tagline used by Apple for its App Store: "There's an app for that".

Apple, which was been quick to make fun of its competition, has been at the receiving end of a number of anti-Apple advertising campaigns from competitors, thanks largely to the controversies surrounding its iPhone 4. The smartphone was plagued by issues at its launch with users complaining of a yellow display, then reception issue,s and eventually proximity sensor issues.

Even so, Apple's iPhone 4 continues to dominate the smartphone market, selling better than any of its competitors.