Nokia To Introduce E7 Next Week

Nokia is set to introduce its new E7 smartphone during the Nokia World expo, taking place next week in London.

The E7 smartphone, which will come with a touchscreen QWERTY keyboard, is expected to be powered by either the Symbian^3 operating system or Nokia's own MeeGo OS.

The smartphone is part of the company's plans to regain some of its former dominance in the mobile phone market.

The company has been suffering at the hands of Apple and Google's Android, which significantly affected the market share of the mobile phone giant. Instead of opting to develop an Android-based smartphone, like Motorola and HTC, the company has decided to partner with Intel to develop its own operating system, MeeGo.

Nokia is also expected to announce the availability of its N8 smartphone device, which was unveiled seven months ago, as well as a number of other smartphones.

News agency Reuters reports that the N8 smartphone will be the first smartphone to run on the Symbian^3 OS and is set to come with a 12 megapixel camera.