O2 Android 2.2 update bricks HTC Desire

O2 has withdrawn an update to the latest version of Google's Android mobile OS on its network after users reported it crashed their phones.

The update to Android 2.2, code-named Froyo, was rolled out to HTC Desire handsets yesterday - but almost immediately the company was met with a barrage of complaints.

A number of users reported that their phones stopped loading when it reached the blue O2 splash screen.

The problems affected some users, but not all - and O2's forums were soon rife with speculation as to the cause of the difficulties.

Some users pointed to the amount of free storage space on the phone before the update was loaded, while others questioned whether the problems might affect users with phones sporting the newer SuperLCD screen, as opposed to the AMOLED technology used by earlier batches.

Another post simply urged users to be patient: "I installed the updated about an hour ago and it seems to be working mostly fine. A very scary process though, as it pauses for quite a while on several occasions making it look like its crashed, and it reboots to the update screen a few times making it seem like it's in a reboot loop."

O2 recognised that problems had been occurring, with one admin on the company's support forums posting: "While we're pleased that so many of you have been able to download it successfully and are enjoying the benefits of 2.2, we have seen that a small number of people are having problems installing the update."

"While we check out these issues we're putting the 2.2 update on hold. We'll update you as soon as possible and would like to thank our HTC Desire customers for their patience."

No official word has so far been given as to when the update will be back up, but one user reports being told that the update would not now be reissued until September 30th.