Oracle hires controversial fomer HP CEO Mark Hurd

Mark Hurd, the former HP chief exec who resigned following allegations that he'd fiddled expenses claims to cover up an affair with one-time soft-porn actress Jodie Fisher, has been hired by IT giant Oracle.

Hurd joins Safra Catz as co-president of the company, replacing Charles Phillips, who has recently resigned.

"Mark did a brilliant job at HP and I expect he'll do even better at Oracle," Oracle CEO Larry Ellison said in a statement on Monday.

Ellison is close friends with the former HP man, and last month blasted HP's board for forcing Hurd out.

In an e-mail to the New York Times, Ellison said: "The HP board just made the worst personnel decision since the idiots on the Apple board fired Steve Jobs many years ago.

"That decision nearly destroyed Apple and would have if Steve hadn't come back and saved them," he added.

Shares of HP are down 13 percent since Hurd's resignation. Plucked from relative obscurity to head HP, Hurd is credited with resuscitating the technology giant by cutting costs and pursuing ambitious acquisitions.

Hurd is credited with reviving HP's fortunes after the company's previous CEO, Carly Fiorina, was unceremoniously dumped by the board following a tenure regarded by many as disastrous.

Shares in HP have plunged 13 per cent since Hurd's departure.