Sony PS3 Update Blocks PSJailbreak

Sony has released a new firmware update for its PlayStation 3, designed to prevent the console from becoming jailbroken.

According to PC World, the new PS3 3.42 firmware update plugs the hole used by the PSJailbreak, so preventing users for running authorised games on the platform.

The PSJailbreak had allowed users to jailbreak their consoles using a USB dongle sold for £100 by some Australian websites, but an injunction from Sony quickly stopped its sale, tech news site THINQ reports.

Sony has so far released few details about the new firmware on the PlayStation blog, only saying that it will include many "additional security features".

PS3 users have complained that the recent firmware updates to combat jailbreaking are adding nothing to their consoles, saying that the company have not released a proper firmware update for the platform in a long time.

In response to the update, the developers behind the jailbreak have said that it is only a matter of time before a new hack for the PS3 has been released.