Web Users Oppose Craiglist Censorship

The majority of web users are against the censorship of Craiglist's 'Erotic Services' section, a recent poll shows.

According to an online poll conducted by Mashable, around 71 per cent of the respondents voted 'No' to the question “Should Craigslist's Adult Services be censored?”.

A similar poll conducted by Washington Post yielded similar results, with 52 per cent of respondents voting against the censorship.

Out of the 1989 people that took part in the Mashable poll, 33 per cent said that Adult services should not censored as prostitution was illegal anyway, while 22 per cent said that censorship should not be imposed because the website already had policies in place to deal with prostitution.

Sixteen per cent of the respondents voted against censorship for other reasons.

It should be noted that Craiglist stands to make approximately $44 million from its Adult services section this year alone, accounting for a third of its total revenue.