£150 Samsung ST1000 12.0 Megapixel 5x Optical Zoom

Stay connected with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi: Samsung's ST1000 Wi-Fi capability makes it easy for you to share photos with friends and family.

Simply type in your friend's e-mail address-or select it from your camera's address book-add a message and hit "Send."

That's it! You can also upload your photos directly to Facebook, Picasa, YouTube and even Samsung's own website. And with Bluetooth, you can send your photos directly to someone's mobile phone.

Tap into your other Bluetooth-enabled devices to play a quick slide show on your flat screen, or share snapshots and movies with anybody within range

Manage, view and share your photos conveniently from the comfort of the couch by connecting wirelessly to your big-screen TV.

You can buy the Samsung ST1000 digital camera from Play.com for only £150 including delivery.