£45 Maxell 500GB 2.5 inch USB Portable External Hard Drive

The Maxell Tank P-500 HDD is perfect for data storage as well as file copying , music storing and your daily back up. With all this in mind, Maxell also deliver the HDD in simple and elegant design, light in weight and compact in size. Made with aluminium casing and elegant black coating, the P-500 does not compromise the functionality that it promises to deliver

Using the highest HDD specification, P-500 ensures that the HDD drive provides low noise and less power consumption but still deliver the highest performance.

Just simply plug and play, the P-500 will provide you with some new user experience. Note that this 500GB hard disk drive comes with a two year warranty, has a spin speed of 5400RPM and 8MB cache.

You can purchase this hard disk drive from Play.com for only £45 including delivery.