Android App allows hands-free texting

A start-up named AdelaVoice has launched and Android app that allows hands-free texting.

The fims says its StartTalking app, is the first smartphone application "that lets motorists keep their eyes on the road and hands upon the wheel", and is aimed at drivers who feel the urge to text while they drive.

Unsurprisingly, StartTalking is entirely voice-controlled. Users simply speak commands, dictate messages and listen to messages without having to touch a single button or look at a screen.

StartTalking users speak their phone’s pre-assigned name, which “wakes up” the handset and allows the user to dictate and sends text messages.

Currently in open beta, StartTalking works with smartphones running Android 2.0 or later and is now available for download from the Android Market or by using an Android phone’s browser to visit

“We created StartTalking to minimize the physical and visual interactions normally associated with creating, sending and receiving text messages,” said Chris Hassett, AdelaVoice's CEO. “We believe that it is every driver’s responsibility to stay alert and minimize distractions while driving. When used properly, StartTalking can be an excellent tool to help drivers meet these responsibilities.”

On the other hand you could always just use the phone in the way Alexander Graham Bell intended - hands free, while driving of course.