Galaxy unveils GeForce GTX460 WHDI

Galaxy has unveiled its latest riff on Nvidia's Fermi chipset - a GTX 460 card that streams uncompressed full-HD 1080p video to your big-screen TV, no wires required.

The Galaxy GeForce GTX 460 WHDI Edition, for that is its name, uses Wireless High-Definition Interface technology from Amimon to transmit the full-quality uncompressed video stream to a receiver unit connected to an HDTV, with - the company claims - less than one millisecond of latency.

The technology uses multiple antennas to transmit video and audio at up to 3Gb/s, providing the bandwidth required to send top-quality 1080p visuals to your big-screen TV.

Speaking to press, Galaxy chief Alex Lam said that new card comes as "gamers and PC users alike want to take the PC games and content from a small monitor to the superior image of an HDTV," which ignores the fact that many PC monitors feature a higher-than-HD resolution.

Nevertheless, it's nice to be able to sit back and enjoy your games, videos, and other content on the big screen - and by removing the HDMI cable, Amimon's technology makes life a lot easier by allowing wire-free viewing at ranges of up to 100 feet.

Aside from the wireless functionality, the remainder of the specifications are thought to be basic GTX 460 fare, with a single fan keeping everything cool.

Galaxy has stated that the GTX 460 WHDI Edition card would be launching before the end of this month, although has yet to confirm pricing - and neither did it indicate whether the card would come bundled with the required receiver unit.