YouTube And Sacem Ink Royalty Deal

Google’s video sharing service YouTube has inked a deal with a French copyright society over royalty pay to artists whose work is streamed on the website.

YouTube and Sacem have entered in to a deal under which the video sharing service will provide monetary compensation to artists represented by the royalty collecting agency when their work is streamed on the site over the next two years, Bloomberg reports.

Under the deal, You Tube will offer royalty payments to artists, singers, songwriters and publishers when their work will be viewed across the platform.

"It is important and symbolic that YouTube, the largest video-sharing site, pay French creators when their content is discovered and viewed on the site,” said Bernard Miyet, chief executive officer of the Paris based agency.

Touted as a victory of legal implications to use copyrighted material on web, the deal is an attempt on the part of Google to improve its relationship with French regulators over copyright infringement and privacy. No details about the set rate for compensation has been offered by both the sides.