Microsoft sues Motorola over Android patents

Microsoft has launched a patent lawsuit against Motorola, claiming the phone maker has infringed upon nine of its patents in its Android-based smartphones.

The convicted Monopolist claims Motorola's Android phones makes use of Microsoft-patented technologies "that are essential to the smartphone user experience."

But in a statement, Microsoft said that patents at issue cover technology designed for "synchronizing email, calendars and contacts, scheduling meetings, and notifying applications of changes in signal strength and battery power."

Are these essential?

Horacio Gutierrez, a deputy general counsel at Microsoft claimed Microsoft has "a responsibility to our customers, partners, and shareholders to safeguard the billions of dollars we invest each year in bringing innovative software products and services to market.

"Motorola needs to stop its infringement of our patented inventions in its Android smartphones," he said.

Quite what Microsoft customers have to gain out of the legal spat remains unclear.